Thursday, 31 July 2014

Styling My New Buys! *Floordrobe Edition

When I cleared out my closet, I felt the need to do some replacing! Of course, I bought some +River Island items. They have new season stock in, unfortunately for me. I bought this gorgeous green shirt which I wore to work today with the dark wash molly jeggings. I absolutely love this shirt, I feel confident about it being a permanent piece in my wardrobe (forever). 
I decided to put together a few outfits from what I bought! I can't wait to wear them. I had also ordered two tops from the sale section online last week and they arrived today, I have a thing for bardot tops. 
I bought the shirt, purple floral print light knitwear top and the blue abstract floral print dress. Yes, everything I bought is from River Island BUT some of the items I styled them with are not. So I'm not completely RI mad just yet. 

Jeans: Dark Vintage Mom slim jeans (I feel like Baby from Dirty Dancing in these)
Sandals: footwear shop in America 
Bag: White RI bag from sale
Belt: Penneys
Hat: Shutterbug/ +FOLKSTER 
Necklace: Shutterbug/ +FOLKSTER 

Knitwear top: From RI but I can't find it on their site (which is weird for new season stock) 
Bag: Leather shop in London (25 pounds? It was closing down))
Shorts: Purple +Levi's® from Shutterbug+FOLKSTER 
Necklace: Penneys (5 euro)

I'm going to wear this Sunday night. I'm not one for wearing dresses that aren't figure hugging but I gave it a try since this style is so popular recently. 
Shoes: +Nine West heels BUT I decided against the blue one 
Belt: Shutterbug Kilo Sale, but I've decided against the belt too I think. 
Necklace: Silver necklace bought in Japan
Bag/clutch: I'm not sure but I think a department store in America 

What I wore today:

Bag: My prized possession +Michael Kors black leather bag
Others mentioned before.

Shoes: Heavenly Feet Brown sandals
Bag: Gionni brown handbag
Necklace: Shutterbug/Folkster

Shoes: Penneys
Bag: Shutterbug/Folkster
Shorts: Navy floral print from TK Maxx
Necklace: Lightinthebox website

So that concludes my first styling floordrobe post! 

Nailah xox

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Finding My Inner Country

I went through all my clothes the other day to get rid of some and to dig out some things I have never worn. I found an +Esprit  top I got from a Shutterbug Kilo Sale in Kilkenny last year, and I planned my outfit around it. I just loved my outfit today. To me, I was going for the Elly May Clampett look. I use to love watching the Beverly Hillbillies when I was younger. I love wearing high rise jeans with short crop tops, just a little bit of waist isn't so bad ;). I wanted to wear my lighter denim jacket but I decide it was better to match the denim of the jeans. I got the jacket in Shutterbug Vintage, it's a +Levi's® dark denim jacket and I couldn't part with it the other day (when I was clearing out). My necklace is a coral necklace made in Japan. My small pink bag is an adorable Louis Vuitton that I got in a Korean Market years ago...shh. My shoes were bought new today and I switched into them because I felt like they were better suited to my overall look. They're a brand called Heavenly Feet and they are super cute. I curled my hair and went for subtle make-up with a small cat eye liner. Overall, I think I did well today. 

Jeans: River Island - Here
Top: Vintage Esprit top
Jacket: Vintage Levi's denim
Sandals: Heavenly Feet - Here

Nailah xox

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fitness Wear

This is my main fitness attire: favourite yoga pants, favourite running shorts, favourite sports bra etc. 
I bought the +adidas running shorts a couple months back and I love them, they dip in the back for extra booty coverage and they dry super fast. The only thing I have a hate/love relationship with is the built in underwear. As for my high rise yoga pants, I love everything about them. They're comfortable, stretchy and they reach to my waist. I'm just more comfortable in high rise pants. My runners are +New Balance, they're trail running shoes so they have some grip and cushioning. I think they make my feet look smaller and cute.. That's just in my opinion though. Of course, I wear the Panache Sport which I have written about in a pervious blog. They're simple the best (better than all the rest). I'm fussy when it comes to tops, I usually just wear plain thin tops to work out in. This top is just a plain t-shirt from A Wear. I have some proper sports tops I should use more often though. The white zip-up hoodie is light and suitable for running on cooler days. I got them in a few different colours from +Uniqlo a Japanese casual wear company. The zip has a locking feature, once it's clicked down it won't move throughout your workout/run. There are also deep pockets on the inside of the hoodie. Unfortunately I haven't found these again so it's a good thing I bought three of them.
My favourite socks to use are ones with a ankle cushion, I don't know what brand mine are. I think I got them in +TK Maxx though. 
With sports wear, it's obvious that you have to pick the most comfortable clothes and make sure they're suited to the type of exercise you do. 

Inside secret pockets

and locked!

Shorts: Adidas - different colour here
Top: AWear
Shoes: New Balance - here
Sports Bra: Panache -  here
Hoodie: Uniqlo
Pants: The Girls - here

 Nailah xoxo

Monday, 28 July 2014


Today, I thought it was going to be much cooler.. Oh how I was wrong. 
I was wearing my favourite jacket today, I was so excited to see clouds when I left the house (jacket weather) unfortunately it became too warm to keep my Pop Moto Jacket one. I love it though, it's white, grey, pink, purple, yellow, green and oh so pretty. Shutterbug/ +FOLKSTER  is where I got this amazing jacket. I'm not sure if they have some still in stock but it's worth double checking so I'll leave a link at the end. I wore a black floral relief top, I love this top because of it's pattern and the large circular cut out in the back (which doesn't cause a need for a strapless). I wore dark wash Molly Jegging jeans from +River Island and flat grey closed shoes from Penneys. 

Shutterbug/ +FOLKSTER : clickyclick
Shutterbug/ Folkster: Facebook & Twitter & Instagram
Top: River Island 
Jeans: River Island - 50 euro- Here
Necklace: River Island (gift)
I was working today (hence the RI clothes)
Jacket: Endless Rose - 53 euro - Here (Check with Folkster too in Kilkenny and Dublin) 
Shoe: Penneys 3 euro

Nailah xox

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Aishwarya Rai - Fashion Icon

This may be unusual, because Aishwarya Rai doesn't have a bold fashion style (that is obvious to me) but I love looking at pictures of her. The winner of Miss World 1994 always looks confident in what she's wearing, and I believe that's what makes her pop! I mean, if we weren't counting her natural good looks. Obviously her amazing figure and beautiful face is a factor in her looking radiant in what she wears be it simple or elaborate. 
I love the colourful sarees she wears with the various levels of detail in each of them. How could you not love her in a floor length gown either? 
Maybe I'm biased because she had the same birthday as me (haha) but, she has got to be the most beautiful woman in the world.
 There isn't a colour that she can't wear! 

Nailah xox