Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Finding My Inner Country

I went through all my clothes the other day to get rid of some and to dig out some things I have never worn. I found an +Esprit  top I got from a Shutterbug Kilo Sale in Kilkenny last year, and I planned my outfit around it. I just loved my outfit today. To me, I was going for the Elly May Clampett look. I use to love watching the Beverly Hillbillies when I was younger. I love wearing high rise jeans with short crop tops, just a little bit of waist isn't so bad ;). I wanted to wear my lighter denim jacket but I decide it was better to match the denim of the jeans. I got the jacket in Shutterbug Vintage, it's a +Levi's® dark denim jacket and I couldn't part with it the other day (when I was clearing out). My necklace is a coral necklace made in Japan. My small pink bag is an adorable Louis Vuitton that I got in a Korean Market years ago...shh. My shoes were bought new today and I switched into them because I felt like they were better suited to my overall look. They're a brand called Heavenly Feet and they are super cute. I curled my hair and went for subtle make-up with a small cat eye liner. Overall, I think I did well today. 

Jeans: River Island - Here
Top: Vintage Esprit top
Jacket: Vintage Levi's denim
Sandals: Heavenly Feet - Here

Nailah xox

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