Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fitness Wear

This is my main fitness attire: favourite yoga pants, favourite running shorts, favourite sports bra etc. 
I bought the +adidas running shorts a couple months back and I love them, they dip in the back for extra booty coverage and they dry super fast. The only thing I have a hate/love relationship with is the built in underwear. As for my high rise yoga pants, I love everything about them. They're comfortable, stretchy and they reach to my waist. I'm just more comfortable in high rise pants. My runners are +New Balance, they're trail running shoes so they have some grip and cushioning. I think they make my feet look smaller and cute.. That's just in my opinion though. Of course, I wear the Panache Sport which I have written about in a pervious blog. They're simple the best (better than all the rest). I'm fussy when it comes to tops, I usually just wear plain thin tops to work out in. This top is just a plain t-shirt from A Wear. I have some proper sports tops I should use more often though. The white zip-up hoodie is light and suitable for running on cooler days. I got them in a few different colours from +Uniqlo a Japanese casual wear company. The zip has a locking feature, once it's clicked down it won't move throughout your workout/run. There are also deep pockets on the inside of the hoodie. Unfortunately I haven't found these again so it's a good thing I bought three of them.
My favourite socks to use are ones with a ankle cushion, I don't know what brand mine are. I think I got them in +TK Maxx though. 
With sports wear, it's obvious that you have to pick the most comfortable clothes and make sure they're suited to the type of exercise you do. 

Inside secret pockets

and locked!

Shorts: Adidas - different colour here
Top: AWear
Shoes: New Balance - here
Sports Bra: Panache -  here
Hoodie: Uniqlo
Pants: The Girls - here

 Nailah xoxo

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