Thursday, 17 July 2014

Kimono time

Today was really warm, I probably shouldn't have worn so much black! I was dying. I love my new kimono though! It's so colourful and light, unfortunately wasn't light enough for today's weather! I was late (again) for my hair appointment so I just decided to throw on all black underneath again because I couldn't wear jeans in this weather. I look forward to wearing my kimono with my new Molly Jegging jeans from River Island. I absolutely love them, they're dark denim and a really flattering fit! I also wore the white sandals again, which are good for walking but not in the heat I found out! I paired the shoes with my new white bag. It's really cute and it comes with a removable long strap. I found that it was hard to find a pure white bag, so when I found it in (of course) the River Island.. I couldn't let it go. 
Here's some pictures of today's outfit and my shorter hair.. (sadface) 

Bag: River Island 18 euro (sale)
Kimono: River Island 18 euro (sale)
Skirt: H&M 4.95 euro
Top: TK Maxx 9.99 euro
Shoes: River Island 18 euro (sale) 
Necklace: Light in the Box (website) 

Nailah xox 

P.S ** I will try to stay clear of River Island clothes and whatnot for tomorrow.. Try being the most important word here. 

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