Monday, 14 July 2014


My name is Nailah. I have decided that it was the time to step out of my shell to make a blog. I'm eighteen and I have always wanted to make a blog about fashion, fitness and food. I know that sound typical but who doesn't love clothes, food and working off that food to fit into those clothes?? I'll admit I am better at my fashion, than my fitness.. haha. I've just started working in River Island, which is amazing because I'm surrounded by fashion. I love love love it and I hope to continue working there when I go to college in September. 

Anyhoo, I plan to dedicate myself to my fitness, fashion and my blog. OH and if you're wondering, mocha skin is reference to my natural tanned skin. I live in Ireland so I suppose that makes me a little different! I never have to use fake tan - It's great! 

Nailah xox

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