Monday, 28 July 2014


Today, I thought it was going to be much cooler.. Oh how I was wrong. 
I was wearing my favourite jacket today, I was so excited to see clouds when I left the house (jacket weather) unfortunately it became too warm to keep my Pop Moto Jacket one. I love it though, it's white, grey, pink, purple, yellow, green and oh so pretty. Shutterbug/ +FOLKSTER  is where I got this amazing jacket. I'm not sure if they have some still in stock but it's worth double checking so I'll leave a link at the end. I wore a black floral relief top, I love this top because of it's pattern and the large circular cut out in the back (which doesn't cause a need for a strapless). I wore dark wash Molly Jegging jeans from +River Island and flat grey closed shoes from Penneys. 

Shutterbug/ +FOLKSTER : clickyclick
Shutterbug/ Folkster: Facebook & Twitter & Instagram
Top: River Island 
Jeans: River Island - 50 euro- Here
Necklace: River Island (gift)
I was working today (hence the RI clothes)
Jacket: Endless Rose - 53 euro - Here (Check with Folkster too in Kilkenny and Dublin) 
Shoe: Penneys 3 euro

Nailah xox

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