Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Solution to Bouncy Problems - Reduce Your Bounce!

If you struggle with the bouncy issue while getting your exercise in, then look no further! I've been through worthless sport bras that fail to give security and support. About two years ago I was introduced to a wonderful sports bra that not only secures what needs securing, but they are stylish. The Panache Sport! They are not thin and t-shirty like some, they are slightly padded to give an over all pleasant shape. The underwire is comfortable and necessary to provide that support for the bigger cup (especially). The Panache Sport comes in various different colours, I have always opted for the plain black, until they released a new style! I love my new multicoloured Panache sports bra, I have broken free from my safe colour (black). The Panache Sport bra is definitely my most comfortable bra, they have extra padded straps and the option of clipping it into a razor back. They may take a little bit of time to break in, because the feeling of security in a sports bra can be odd. They are without a doubt worth the money! I bought mine for 55 euros in Belle Femme Lingerie store. Support is really important, during a run/working out or not. I get all my bras there because it is important to get the right size etc etc. 

Anyways, I highly recommend the winner of the sports bra brand of the year at the UK Lingerie Awards 2012 & 2013! They last, they're comfortable, they reduce bounce, they come in cup sizes between B-H and they're great!

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Nailah xox

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