Sunday, 31 August 2014

Autumn is Here

The two things anyone can notice is: the change in weather and the darker season colours walking into shops. Now, I might just be a cold creature but it's freezing already. As for the darker colours, I love them. I have to admit, my wardrobe isn't as bright as one may think. 
For this look, I was going for a comfortable day to night outfit. Summer is gone and the chill is in the air, so who says you can't wear pants/jeans on a night out? Mix it all together with a nice clutch, heels, bling and top so you're ready to go. My choice was a dark green wrap sleeveless blouse (which I will link because the pictures aren't doing it favours ), I love this top because it's comfortable, flattering on and covers your bootay. Booty covering is important if you're wearing any type of leggings. For my bling, I went with a studded silver sparkly necklace and earrings to match. Gold accessories would have clashed with this beautiful Christian Audigier clutch. My dainty little heels are from Penneys/Primark, it's no surprise I'm wearing court heels. I was tempted to wear black jeans, but it's not winter just yet! 

* I went with the size 6 in this blouse because it was neater in the front. The size 8 had better booty coverage though.

Shoes: Penneys/Primark
Necklace and earrings: Lightinthebox
Jeans: +River Island Dark Wash Molly Jeggings
Cardigan: +Macy's 
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Sunday, 24 August 2014

90's Vibes

Today was a lazy day, a very lazy cold day. So, what do you wear when you're having a lazy day(plus rain)? An oversized Tshirt. Not just any will do, make sure it's cool like mine. Not only is mine cool with the outline of a Volkswagen camper bus, it's burgundy. If you haven't noticed this colour everywhere.. It's time to take a trip to the optometrist. I happened to have a dark red tartan skirt to match, it was more like an accessory for my waist (better than a belt in the 90s). It was an extreme change in weather today; Summer is well gone. I put on my fleece black leggings and River Island ankle boots because it's finally weather appropriate. I felt like the little boy from Free Willy 2, Francis Capra (actor's name). He was also in Veronica Mars, I'm watching this awesome tv show set not too long after the 90's (just like today's ootd). Check it out if you haven't already. 
I'm really happy I got to wear my new Tshirt that my dad have to me while he was over here. Volkswagen cars have always been cool! 

My camera refused to focus properly today, so I'm sorry that the pictures aren't nice to the eye. 

Shirt: Forever21
Boots: River Island 
Leggings: Small Boutique
Tshirt: eBay 
Necklace: Primark 
Bag: Shutterbug/Folkster 
Long sleeve Tshirt: H&M
Lippy: Ted Baker lipgloss 
Sunnnies: TK-Maxx 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Debutante Ball

Hey remember me? It's been awhile.. 
Again, I give my apologies. It has been a crazy week between working, debutante pre-party planning, getting everything I needed done and finishing all the painting in the house. I haven't even written the Dublin Street Fashion Edition posts. I also received an offer from Maynooth University, so I'll be moving in less than a month. So expect me to disappear again. 
Moving on... 
Last Monday was the Debutante Ball in the Bridge House Hotel. I wore a dress from +FOLKSTER with a thick golden belt and unusual slits. My earrings to match were also from Folkster. I have to say I wasn't sure at first about this dress, but at 2:42 pm Monday I was in love with myself (really). I'll admit I was a little, ehm embarrassed with a certain area. I know they say when you got it flaunt it, but I felt like I was putting a flashing light on my chest. I got over it after I departed from the pre-debs party. I didn't know I was in for a truly touching surprise that day, I nearly ruined my make-up (who needs waterproof mascara?). My father and little brother showed up from across the ocean, so I'm happy that they were there and I had a nice few days spending some time out and about with them. Unfortunately it was only three days. 
I'm not entirely sure what the theme was at the debs, there were masquerade masks (which I disregarded due to my attitude) and awards for strange things. I honestly didn't know whether to feel chuffed or seriously offended towards my nomination grouping. I think I leaned towards option two. Was I acknowledged for being a not so social-butterfly or being taken the joke out of? Mmm that's the question. More importantly though, take a look the most important part of my outfit: my arm candy! I have to say he was looking very dapper in his light grey (with tones of blue) suit and tartan blue dickie bow. In my runaway mind, I think we looked like a power fashion couple. I also must compliment his choice in a beautiful ivory orchard corsage. 

It's currently past bedtime and someone has work in the morning.. So I must slip away to sleep. I know I haven't pictured my shoes, clutch or midi ring (proper pictures). I will add them in ASAP. I'm also thinking about doing a post on my debs make-up (step by step with mugshots??).. That too will be added to my list of many things to do. 

Earrings: +FOLKSTER 
Shoes: Fitzpatrick Shoes
Bag: Viola Shu4You
Midi rings: +River Island 
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Friday, 15 August 2014

The Shinning Look

Do you know what I'm in love with this year (other than everything)? The shinny, metallic, oil-stains, space age look. I especially love the silver shine on a pair of shoes..It's brilliance at it's finest. I like clothing that sings, "I'm coming up so you better get this party started." (P!INK).
These are a few of my favourite pieces that certainly burst with shininess!

Shoes: Quiz Clothing -
Bag: +ASOS out of stock from +ALDO Shoes 
Tee: +Browns Fashion - clicky
Shoes: +Saks Fifth Avenue +Jimmy Choo - clicky
Skirt: +River Island - clicky and I just discovered this beauty comes in silver! OH the dilemma. 
Pants: +Saint Laurent - clicky

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Benefit Yourself

I have a crazy thing for +Benefit Cosmetics this year, let me tell you all about it.
My current loves are:

1. They're Real! mascara. I prefer this to any other mascara I have used. It rally does make my eyelashes appear fuller and darker (is that possible with black eyelashes?). 

2. Benetint in colour rose lip and cheek stain. I really love the idea of this product but infortunately I chose the wrong shade for my complexion. It's a little bit too pink, and my lips are too dark (or strange) to take the colour. I really want to try this cheek and lip stain in shade mango tint, I think it would suit me much better. 

3.POREfessional. This is so silky smooth on the skin, it's lightweight, oil free and minimises the appearance of pores. I have oily skin, so it's especially important for me to select oil free products to suit my skin. I usually use this on the t-zone area of my face. 

3. Stay Flawless 15-hour primer. I use this on my jaw line and cheeks. It definetly makes a different to my make up. Between the POREfessional and Stay Flawless primer, my make up stays on all day long without shine. 

4. Stay Don't Stray primer for concealer a and eye shadows. I beginning to sound biased but after this product, my life became better. My eye shadow stays for hours and hours. I once went to bed after a night out (forgot to wipe out the baby wipes) and the next morning it was near perfect! Hard to believe right? Another thing I notice is that I don't have to put as much eye shadow on to get a really strong colour. With the primer, all my eye shadows stand out more. 

5. Hello Flawless! Cover up powder. This lightweight silky powder was ideal for the summer months and vacay in Spain. I use the brush for a thin layer just to brighten my face and I use the sponge for extra coverage on those "I need a new face" days. I have a small bottle of the hello flawless oxygen wow liquid foundation that I've yet to use with this powder. I do like the foundation, I'm just not used to using liquid foundation and I only use it on special occasions. 

6. Silky finished don't tell lana lipstick. I absolutely love this lippy. It gives me a full finish, it's an amazing rosy purple colour that never clashes with any outfit. When it runs out I think I might cry (discontinued). 

7. I have four small bottle of their perfume (actually eau de toillette) and I can't say there's a one that I don't like! I have "Laugh With Me Lee Lee" which is my favourite. It's so fresh and lemony. I also have "Under My Spell Noelle", "Ring My Bella" and "My Place or Yours Gina".

My Benefit Wishlist: **(because what girl wouldn't want more?)

1. Erase Paste brightening camouflage for eyes and face 
2. Sun beam golden bronze complexion highlighter 
3. Chachatint cheek and lip stain 
4. Magic ink liquid liner 

There you have it, my Benefit obsessions all out on the table. Try them out!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fashion & Friends - Take Two

I am super stressed out with all these things that need to be done in the next week! So I apologise for the lack of keeping up with my blog. I decided on another post featuring the different styles that are present among my girlfraands and I. I'm really digging Cliodhna's all black look, it had a 90's vibe to it with the leather look halter top and hairstyle. Can I also mention how in love I am with her silver spikes necklace? I think I might steal it one day. As I've said in my previous post, I have a thing for ankle straps. 

Check out her secret braid, it's awesome. 

Spikey spikes - +H&M 
Top - +Top Shop 
Skirt  - +Forever 21 
Shoes - Heatons

Amy's look is more relaxed and classic with a backless little black dress. It's flowy, giving a soft look with her crochet kimono. Nothing says class like small black court shoes either. The gold necklace adds to her whole outfit. 

Myself, I decide to chose two daring colours and mash them together. They worked oddly great together (love at first sight). I wore a deep lilac Bardot top with blue print jeans. I was going for a little but of a different era look as well as Cli. You can't go wrong with nude court shoes, they're timeless. 
Bag - +GUESS 
Shoes - +PENNEYS 
Top - +River Island 
Pants - +H&M 
Belt - +PENNEYS 
Midi rings - +River Island 
Shoes - +PENNEYS 

I apologise again for the blurry photos, I forgot my camera when we were going out and had to resort to using my phone camera. Not to mention my photographers were in prinks mode. It actually poured buckets that night, so by by 11 o'clock I was going for the wet rat look. (nailed it)

Nailah xox 

PS: I'm so behind in my posts and I plan to get on it tonight after work. 

Here's some bloopers: