Sunday, 24 August 2014

90's Vibes

Today was a lazy day, a very lazy cold day. So, what do you wear when you're having a lazy day(plus rain)? An oversized Tshirt. Not just any will do, make sure it's cool like mine. Not only is mine cool with the outline of a Volkswagen camper bus, it's burgundy. If you haven't noticed this colour everywhere.. It's time to take a trip to the optometrist. I happened to have a dark red tartan skirt to match, it was more like an accessory for my waist (better than a belt in the 90s). It was an extreme change in weather today; Summer is well gone. I put on my fleece black leggings and River Island ankle boots because it's finally weather appropriate. I felt like the little boy from Free Willy 2, Francis Capra (actor's name). He was also in Veronica Mars, I'm watching this awesome tv show set not too long after the 90's (just like today's ootd). Check it out if you haven't already. 
I'm really happy I got to wear my new Tshirt that my dad have to me while he was over here. Volkswagen cars have always been cool! 

My camera refused to focus properly today, so I'm sorry that the pictures aren't nice to the eye. 

Shirt: Forever21
Boots: River Island 
Leggings: Small Boutique
Tshirt: eBay 
Necklace: Primark 
Bag: Shutterbug/Folkster 
Long sleeve Tshirt: H&M
Lippy: Ted Baker lipgloss 
Sunnnies: TK-Maxx 

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