Friday, 15 August 2014

Benefit Yourself

I have a crazy thing for +Benefit Cosmetics this year, let me tell you all about it.
My current loves are:

1. They're Real! mascara. I prefer this to any other mascara I have used. It rally does make my eyelashes appear fuller and darker (is that possible with black eyelashes?). 

2. Benetint in colour rose lip and cheek stain. I really love the idea of this product but infortunately I chose the wrong shade for my complexion. It's a little bit too pink, and my lips are too dark (or strange) to take the colour. I really want to try this cheek and lip stain in shade mango tint, I think it would suit me much better. 

3.POREfessional. This is so silky smooth on the skin, it's lightweight, oil free and minimises the appearance of pores. I have oily skin, so it's especially important for me to select oil free products to suit my skin. I usually use this on the t-zone area of my face. 

3. Stay Flawless 15-hour primer. I use this on my jaw line and cheeks. It definetly makes a different to my make up. Between the POREfessional and Stay Flawless primer, my make up stays on all day long without shine. 

4. Stay Don't Stray primer for concealer a and eye shadows. I beginning to sound biased but after this product, my life became better. My eye shadow stays for hours and hours. I once went to bed after a night out (forgot to wipe out the baby wipes) and the next morning it was near perfect! Hard to believe right? Another thing I notice is that I don't have to put as much eye shadow on to get a really strong colour. With the primer, all my eye shadows stand out more. 

5. Hello Flawless! Cover up powder. This lightweight silky powder was ideal for the summer months and vacay in Spain. I use the brush for a thin layer just to brighten my face and I use the sponge for extra coverage on those "I need a new face" days. I have a small bottle of the hello flawless oxygen wow liquid foundation that I've yet to use with this powder. I do like the foundation, I'm just not used to using liquid foundation and I only use it on special occasions. 

6. Silky finished don't tell lana lipstick. I absolutely love this lippy. It gives me a full finish, it's an amazing rosy purple colour that never clashes with any outfit. When it runs out I think I might cry (discontinued). 

7. I have four small bottle of their perfume (actually eau de toillette) and I can't say there's a one that I don't like! I have "Laugh With Me Lee Lee" which is my favourite. It's so fresh and lemony. I also have "Under My Spell Noelle", "Ring My Bella" and "My Place or Yours Gina".

My Benefit Wishlist: **(because what girl wouldn't want more?)

1. Erase Paste brightening camouflage for eyes and face 
2. Sun beam golden bronze complexion highlighter 
3. Chachatint cheek and lip stain 
4. Magic ink liquid liner 

There you have it, my Benefit obsessions all out on the table. Try them out!


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