Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Debutante Ball

Hey remember me? It's been awhile.. 
Again, I give my apologies. It has been a crazy week between working, debutante pre-party planning, getting everything I needed done and finishing all the painting in the house. I haven't even written the Dublin Street Fashion Edition posts. I also received an offer from Maynooth University, so I'll be moving in less than a month. So expect me to disappear again. 
Moving on... 
Last Monday was the Debutante Ball in the Bridge House Hotel. I wore a dress from +FOLKSTER with a thick golden belt and unusual slits. My earrings to match were also from Folkster. I have to say I wasn't sure at first about this dress, but at 2:42 pm Monday I was in love with myself (really). I'll admit I was a little, ehm embarrassed with a certain area. I know they say when you got it flaunt it, but I felt like I was putting a flashing light on my chest. I got over it after I departed from the pre-debs party. I didn't know I was in for a truly touching surprise that day, I nearly ruined my make-up (who needs waterproof mascara?). My father and little brother showed up from across the ocean, so I'm happy that they were there and I had a nice few days spending some time out and about with them. Unfortunately it was only three days. 
I'm not entirely sure what the theme was at the debs, there were masquerade masks (which I disregarded due to my attitude) and awards for strange things. I honestly didn't know whether to feel chuffed or seriously offended towards my nomination grouping. I think I leaned towards option two. Was I acknowledged for being a not so social-butterfly or being taken the joke out of? Mmm that's the question. More importantly though, take a look the most important part of my outfit: my arm candy! I have to say he was looking very dapper in his light grey (with tones of blue) suit and tartan blue dickie bow. In my runaway mind, I think we looked like a power fashion couple. I also must compliment his choice in a beautiful ivory orchard corsage. 

It's currently past bedtime and someone has work in the morning.. So I must slip away to sleep. I know I haven't pictured my shoes, clutch or midi ring (proper pictures). I will add them in ASAP. I'm also thinking about doing a post on my debs make-up (step by step with mugshots??).. That too will be added to my list of many things to do. 

Earrings: +FOLKSTER 
Shoes: Fitzpatrick Shoes
Bag: Viola Shu4You
Midi rings: +River Island 
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