Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fashion & Friends - Take Two

I am super stressed out with all these things that need to be done in the next week! So I apologise for the lack of keeping up with my blog. I decided on another post featuring the different styles that are present among my girlfraands and I. I'm really digging Cliodhna's all black look, it had a 90's vibe to it with the leather look halter top and hairstyle. Can I also mention how in love I am with her silver spikes necklace? I think I might steal it one day. As I've said in my previous post, I have a thing for ankle straps. 

Check out her secret braid, it's awesome. 

Spikey spikes - +H&M 
Top - +Top Shop 
Skirt  - +Forever 21 
Shoes - Heatons

Amy's look is more relaxed and classic with a backless little black dress. It's flowy, giving a soft look with her crochet kimono. Nothing says class like small black court shoes either. The gold necklace adds to her whole outfit. 

Myself, I decide to chose two daring colours and mash them together. They worked oddly great together (love at first sight). I wore a deep lilac Bardot top with blue print jeans. I was going for a little but of a different era look as well as Cli. You can't go wrong with nude court shoes, they're timeless. 
Bag - +GUESS 
Shoes - +PENNEYS 
Top - +River Island 
Pants - +H&M 
Belt - +PENNEYS 
Midi rings - +River Island 
Shoes - +PENNEYS 

I apologise again for the blurry photos, I forgot my camera when we were going out and had to resort to using my phone camera. Not to mention my photographers were in prinks mode. It actually poured buckets that night, so by by 11 o'clock I was going for the wet rat look. (nailed it)

Nailah xox 

PS: I'm so behind in my posts and I plan to get on it tonight after work. 

Here's some bloopers: 

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