Thursday, 14 August 2014

Miista Musts - Shoes Shoes Shoes

I went shopping the day before last in Dublin because I really needed shoes to go with my dress for the debs. After searching high, low, up, down, sideways and zigzagged (too much?). I finally found a pair of shoes on Grafton Street in Fitzpatrick Shoes. I'll post pictures on the day of my debs (Monday ahhhhhh). They aren't what I had originally wanted, I wanted black platformed heels with a gold thick chain around my ankle. The ones in Aldo were amazing but unfortunately my hoof was on the wide side. 
On another note, I found these beautiful Miista ankle boots in Buffalo shoe shop. I absolutely love them. They aren't restricting on a wider foot because they're satin, so I still get to wear a pointed boot with comfort. Always remember to spray the hell out of them with protector! With any suade/leather protector for the sake of the boots beauty! (Think of the booties) 

These babies brighten my day and my wardrobe. 

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