Thursday, 7 August 2014

New Street Style Edition*

It's been a few busy bee days around the house. I never thought I would regret wanting to change the whole colour scheme of the house! So much painting done, so much more to do.. Unfortunately. It'll be great when it's all finished though, by then I will have forgotten about the hard labour.

Anyways, I'm excited because I have new plans for this blog! It'll be happening soon and I hope it goes well. It involves.. You guessed right, street fashion. I'll be teaming up with a friend and exploring the fashion choices of the day from people other than myself. There are plenty of fashionistas in a big city! I love fashion watching (can I call it that?). You'll find me staked out with latte and a camera one of these days.
Working in a place where fashion is completely surrounding you, it's hard not to notice each individual style. I silently say to myself, "I love your style, gimme your shoes, where did she get that?" several times a day. Some might consider this a problem, I just call it "needs".
I realised that I shouldn't care what people think about what I chose to wear or that I shouldn't not want to be looked at. I have always wanted to dress (to impress) bolder. I'm still working on utilising my closet to it's full potential though. I made this style board/ wish list of an outfit I'd love to wear for just going out and about. I started a recent love for lipsticks and sunnies. I really feel like I need to build my collect for both of them. I also noticed the lace in a black leather biker jacket in my life. I have a colourful moto jacket, but I would definitely get more wear out of a black one. Few of my favourite things this summer are daisy print, orange, ankle straps and chunky platforms. I think I might be on the short side for a midi skirt though. I really believe that this is the perfect handbag.. I have a black and gold  +Michael Kors (my baby) I think it's time for a white/gold one. The current struggle I'm having is accepting that I've decided not to buy these gorgeous shoes, it's a daily battle for me.

Top:  €15
Skirt:    €19.95
Jacket: +Nasty Gal   €88
Glasses: +Chicnova  €5.12

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