Saturday, 2 August 2014

The New Mocha Skin Look

I finally got around to fixing up my blog to look more...Well more me. I now have tones of glittery browns to go with my blog name. I'm so excited! It looks so much better. 

Anyways, today was horrible weather. It made me realised that I'm seriously in the need of fashionable rain wear. I've always wanted one of those bubble umbrellas but never got around to getting one. I saw the cutest one today with daises all along the bottom and another one with just a plain white stripe. I really could have used one today since I also have a lack of cute raincoats. All I have in my rather large jacket/coat collection are windbreaker type hiking jackets. SO today in the pouring rain (occasional drizzle from time to time) I wore my burnt orange jersey jacket that I fell in love with the moment I started working in +River Island (not waterproof) a white t-shirt from Wallis and a lace skirt from +H&M. My necklace I bought a while back in Shutterbug Vintage/ +FOLKSTER and my booties from Viola. Oh, of course how can I forget my favourite bag by +Michael Kors (Best birthday present ever). 
I apologise for my uncomfortable stance in each photo - I was cold and the drizzling wasn't helping.

Jacket: +River Island (still in stores not online though for some reason)
Skirt: H&M
T-shirt: Wallis 
Necklace: Shutterbug Vintage/Folkster
Boots: Viola
Bag: Michael Kors

My style board for the rain, I'm seriously going to get some of these items!
Glamours See Through Rain Coat: 34.95 euro
Jelly ankle high rain boots: 29 euro
See through white rain boots: 64.99 euro
Pink see through rain coat: 50 euro
Bubble umbrella: 28.40 euro
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