Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Getting Back to Routine - Part II

Once again, here I go. 
I am not really living up to the whole fitness aspect in my life that I so desperately try to cling on to. I get bored easily, and I have fostered a lazy personality. At least since I have started College, I have been a relatively clean eater. In my college fridge/press there is: Alpen granola, soya milk, coffee, peppers, pineapple, plums, cucumber, carrots, brown rice, WHITE pasta (the horror), brown bread, wholemeal tortilla wraps, low fat yogurts and eggs. Of course I have mince beef, chicken fillets, sea salt, coconut oil, green tea, garlic cloves, tinned beans of sorts and chili and mango dressing. The things I am seriously lacking in is lettuce and tomatoes though.. AND a few spices could do with being added to my collection of few. 

The main thing in college (in my personal opinion) is to not go with convenience food or eat out. No packet soups (though time to time I am guilty of that). No sweets or crisps/chips. I wouldn't shun popcorn completely though, we all need a treat once in awhile. No harm in that is there? Especially if you avail of the gym in college. I have no excuses because the gym on campus is free of charge to use! This is my second week here and I have only been to the gym once. I am ashamed. Tomorrow morning I plan to get up before my 1 o'clock lecture and get that work out in! Kicking that lazy personality in the bud will be hard but oh so rewarding in the end. I selected a work out on http://www.bodybuilding.com/ to get my groove back. It is a 30 day beginners challenge for people that have never worked out before or who have been away from the gym for far too long. I did start this program last week but I assumed it was too easy for me so I added extra weights to my workout. Needless to say... It was a cruel thing to do to my legs.
Now that I am able to walk properly again, I'm going to do exactly what it says. 

Here is the 30 Day Challenge  workout link as seen. If you are way past the title "beginner" I would recommend still checking out the site. There are lots of free programs for every type of level of fitness to go around. 

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Made-up Recipes

Fitness is, "the condition of being physically fit and healthy".

I have seriously slacked in this end. I'll tell you all about this new program I am trying out in my next post, but for now let's talk food. In my ideal kitchen there would be a surplus of cheeses, ice cream, cakes, white bread.. Need I go on? Fortunately for me I have adopted the ways of all things brown (doesn't sound right, I know.) Brown rice, brown bread, brown pasta and even brown noodles. It makes me feel better about eating carbohydrates. 
Anyways, I was straying from the topic of my made up super simple recipe. It has most likely probably been done a hundred times but here's my version from my head:

You'll need: 
Garlic cloves, coconut oil (or olive oil), mince meat (beef or turkey is the best), pasata, cumin, chilli pepper, paprika, basil (dry or leaves), any vegetable you see fit. I have even used kale in this dish. Oh and of course you'll need brown pasta and some mozzarella cheese. I don't know why mozzarella is the cheese that pops up in diet books such as The South Beach Diet Book.. so I figured this was the best option.

I use coconut oil in cooking because it's supposedly the new "superfood" with proven health benefits including fat loss and better brain functioning. Don't worry, it doesn't add a coconut taste to your cooking! I wouldn't use it if it did (YUCK).

What to do (in a nutshell): 
Since I always use carrots, I usually fry them with the chopped up garlic at the start to insure they're cooked all the way through in the end. 
Add mince meat (I usually use lean mince beef, I know turkey would be better health wise!) until brown/white. 
I boil up some pasta in the background
I stir in a tablespoon of chilli powder, paprika, cumin, basil and pinch of salt. (four people recipe by the way)
I preheat the oven to 200 degrees
I add two peppers (green preferred, less sugar), mushrooms, tomatoes, celery and asparagus. I basically use whatever I can get my hands on. This is a good way to use up all your extra vegetables and whatnot. 
I add the pasata sauce and bring to boil. 
Once this is all cooked I mix the pasta and meat into a dish and layer the top with grated mozzarella cheese and bake. 

Annnnnd out comes Pasta Bake in 20 minutes. 
Serve with some yummy salad.

Sometimes I use actual chili peppers instead of powder

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Newbie to Uni

It's been awhile again hasn't it?
 I moved in yesterday wide eyed and bushy tailed to college. Oh the excitement I thought I would feel. Since it is only orientation week, not everyone is back yet (so I have high hopes for next weeks events). SO it's been boring and quiet, partly (or all) because you can't get internet until you register. I know it's so sad to have such a need for the internet but when you forget a book or some movies you really learn to appreciate what you had when you had it (internet). Anyways enough about that, I found out there was a way around not getting access until Friday registrations and so I'm here now!  
In fairness it's only the first day, and there are a lot of events during these two weeks, so things should look brighter after this evening's frat party. 

I had done a few 'floordrobe' outfits for my college packing, I should have done more though! I am really excited about not having to put on a uniform 5 days out of the week anymore. I am also pleasantly surprised about the generous space given in the closet. I'll have plenty of things to wear all year long. 

Going for a bit of a "Clueless" look here with a preppy look. Loving dog/hounds tooth print but I don't think the weather matches it yet! 

Weather seems to be staying moderately warm so I've gone for skirts! Pretty and casual in floral and denim.

Most of these items are from +FOLKSTER /Shutterbug or +River Island

I have a lot of things to catch up on such as the New York/London fashion week, I missed a few designers that I wanted to see. Hopefully I will have lots of time to stay on top of Mocha Skin and everything else. 
Till then, 
au revoir 

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Monday, 8 September 2014

The Wild Atlantic Way Weekend Away - Part IV

This morning I rolled out of bed really needed to wear something comfortable that I could just throw on. What could be more perfect than a swing dress? It was a steal for ten euro on sale in a small boutique called “Virgo” in Newcastle West. It’s one of those comfy casual dresses with cap sleeves perfect for a warm day with a heavy head. I decided to do some print mixing today with this floral dress and the newspaper clutch that was also bought for a steal in Virgo. We went for a walk after breakfast on the beach that is smack bang right in front of the Armada (how perfect?). The only jacket I brought was my over-sized go-to denim for the weekend.

That's it on my Wild Atlantic Way journey! If you're ever down this way it's a beautiful drive along the west coast of Ireland. What could be more refreshing than 2,500 km of coastal drive? AND if you happen to pass through Newcastle West, I recommend you stop by at Virgo for really nice pieces for great prices! I only wished I had a bigger wallet (and closet) for everything.

Check out their Facebook here : Virgo

Till next time folks

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Wild Atlantic Way Weekend Away - Part III

I forgot to mention the whole purpose of this trip! With the wedding being 6 weeks away (and a bit) we went up to the Armada Hotel to do some tasting (yum) for the menu and the drinkies. SO naturally in a fancy place I was going for a classy look in green tartan cigarette pants and my cream and black court shoes. I normally don’t agree with matching navy with black BUT, the waistband of the trousers is black so I could get away with wearing a black bardot top. A little bit of bare shoulders never goes wrong. I have to admit, I’m wearing all River Island.  I guess today I unconsciously dressed to be a poster girl for two of my favourite brands! The necklace I chose to wear is a real statement; I was beating around the bush for ages about it and finally decided to get it when there was only one left. It’s beautiful, chunky, white and gold. I bought it for myself as a present for passing my driving exam (any excuse). 

Shoes: +Primark 
Bag: Shutterbug
Pants: +River Island 
Top: River Island 
Necklace: River Island
 all items should be still available in River Island!
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