Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Cruising to the Beach

I have to admit, I am not a fan of wind. What I am a fan of though is the beach! Monday morning I passed my driving test (well over due) and decided to hit the road with the girls! Yesterday we went off in the car to Tramore (the best things are at last minute) since I have a car now as a graduation gift. I have yet to name it though. That morning I threw on one of my 'floordrobe' outfits, I wore black tights (hey who would have thought it would be THAT sunny in September?) and some white sandals for the beach feel. The necklace is my new favourite piece, I bought it as a gift to myself for passing. As you can see, I was going for a purple vibe with my loose top and vintage high waisted +Levi's®  shorts. The shorts have become really over-sized on me sadly. 

Top: +River Island 
Shorts: +FOLKSTER 
Necklace: +River Island 
Shoes: +River Island 
Bag: +Michael Kors 
Sunny shades: +TK Maxx 

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***P.S I plan on doing a recipe post next and I'm thinking that I should do a RI free post, though I love everything there.

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