Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Getting Back to Routine - Part II

Once again, here I go. 
I am not really living up to the whole fitness aspect in my life that I so desperately try to cling on to. I get bored easily, and I have fostered a lazy personality. At least since I have started College, I have been a relatively clean eater. In my college fridge/press there is: Alpen granola, soya milk, coffee, peppers, pineapple, plums, cucumber, carrots, brown rice, WHITE pasta (the horror), brown bread, wholemeal tortilla wraps, low fat yogurts and eggs. Of course I have mince beef, chicken fillets, sea salt, coconut oil, green tea, garlic cloves, tinned beans of sorts and chili and mango dressing. The things I am seriously lacking in is lettuce and tomatoes though.. AND a few spices could do with being added to my collection of few. 

The main thing in college (in my personal opinion) is to not go with convenience food or eat out. No packet soups (though time to time I am guilty of that). No sweets or crisps/chips. I wouldn't shun popcorn completely though, we all need a treat once in awhile. No harm in that is there? Especially if you avail of the gym in college. I have no excuses because the gym on campus is free of charge to use! This is my second week here and I have only been to the gym once. I am ashamed. Tomorrow morning I plan to get up before my 1 o'clock lecture and get that work out in! Kicking that lazy personality in the bud will be hard but oh so rewarding in the end. I selected a work out on http://www.bodybuilding.com/ to get my groove back. It is a 30 day beginners challenge for people that have never worked out before or who have been away from the gym for far too long. I did start this program last week but I assumed it was too easy for me so I added extra weights to my workout. Needless to say... It was a cruel thing to do to my legs.
Now that I am able to walk properly again, I'm going to do exactly what it says. 

Here is the 30 Day Challenge  workout link as seen. If you are way past the title "beginner" I would recommend still checking out the site. There are lots of free programs for every type of level of fitness to go around. 

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