Monday, 15 September 2014

Newbie to Uni

It's been awhile again hasn't it?
 I moved in yesterday wide eyed and bushy tailed to college. Oh the excitement I thought I would feel. Since it is only orientation week, not everyone is back yet (so I have high hopes for next weeks events). SO it's been boring and quiet, partly (or all) because you can't get internet until you register. I know it's so sad to have such a need for the internet but when you forget a book or some movies you really learn to appreciate what you had when you had it (internet). Anyways enough about that, I found out there was a way around not getting access until Friday registrations and so I'm here now!  
In fairness it's only the first day, and there are a lot of events during these two weeks, so things should look brighter after this evening's frat party. 

I had done a few 'floordrobe' outfits for my college packing, I should have done more though! I am really excited about not having to put on a uniform 5 days out of the week anymore. I am also pleasantly surprised about the generous space given in the closet. I'll have plenty of things to wear all year long. 

Going for a bit of a "Clueless" look here with a preppy look. Loving dog/hounds tooth print but I don't think the weather matches it yet! 

Weather seems to be staying moderately warm so I've gone for skirts! Pretty and casual in floral and denim.

Most of these items are from +FOLKSTER /Shutterbug or +River Island

I have a lot of things to catch up on such as the New York/London fashion week, I missed a few designers that I wanted to see. Hopefully I will have lots of time to stay on top of Mocha Skin and everything else. 
Till then, 
au revoir 

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