Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Wild Atlantic Way Weekend Away - Part I

Dedication is when you write your blog on a Sunday morning after a date with the bottle of wine the night before. At the moment I am on the car journey back inland with my computer on my lap roasting my legs.

This weekend I was in Ballybunion and Spanish Point in Clare, both on The Wild Atlantic Way route. There is nothing like a beautiful coast line for photo opportunities … ESPECIALLY when the sun was beaming down throughout the day.  When packing to go somewhere, you never know what the weather might be like (well, in Ireland anyways) so the million dollar question is: What will you bring in your suitcase?
 Myself, I always over pack my carry-on. So the trick is to (obviously) check the weather to get an idea even though it can and most likely will change at any given time. Pack your favourite pair of jeans and top. Pack a neutral pair of heels that will go with just about anything. Pick out your evening wear and one other outfit that can transition from day to night in case you have changed your mind about the first outfit. Bring a jacket that goes with everything too. Another tip is to stop off in a small boutique and buy some more things ... My lovely Godmother bought me a clutch and a swing dress (which came super handy for today’s slouchy mood).  

On the way down to the West I wore super comfy bell-bottomed cotton pants, a tank top, sandals and a light spacious cardigan. Style doesn't mean you can’t be comfortable on a long car journey.  I was definitely bringing the 70’s back in this outfit. My favourite thing about the pants is the paisley print. The green colour in the print matched perfect with my olive tank top. I accessorised with glass pendants and a brown leather bag. I felt pretty groovy! All I was missing was a ride in a Volkswagen bus and circular sunnies.

I was embracing nature.


Bag: I'll have to get back to you on that one but I think TK-Maxx
Shoes: +River Island 
Pants: +TK Maxx 
Cardigan: Only
Tank Top: Penneys/ +Primark 
Pendants: Japan/Spain

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