Monday, 8 September 2014

The Wild Atlantic Way Weekend Away - Part IV

This morning I rolled out of bed really needed to wear something comfortable that I could just throw on. What could be more perfect than a swing dress? It was a steal for ten euro on sale in a small boutique called “Virgo” in Newcastle West. It’s one of those comfy casual dresses with cap sleeves perfect for a warm day with a heavy head. I decided to do some print mixing today with this floral dress and the newspaper clutch that was also bought for a steal in Virgo. We went for a walk after breakfast on the beach that is smack bang right in front of the Armada (how perfect?). The only jacket I brought was my over-sized go-to denim for the weekend.

That's it on my Wild Atlantic Way journey! If you're ever down this way it's a beautiful drive along the west coast of Ireland. What could be more refreshing than 2,500 km of coastal drive? AND if you happen to pass through Newcastle West, I recommend you stop by at Virgo for really nice pieces for great prices! I only wished I had a bigger wallet (and closet) for everything.

Check out their Facebook here : Virgo

Till next time folks

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