Saturday, 4 October 2014

Birthday Wishlist

The greatest thing about getting older: new clothes.

My birthday is coming up! The first of November (26 more full days). I have already done some hunting for a birthday outfit! After all, one must look the best on their birthday.. actually everyday to be honest. Today I went into my usual haunt, +River Island and I found this beautiful floral skirt/shorts. I love the autumn vibe from them! I match the shorts with an orange high neck top. I couldn't find the exact one to put into my collage, the one I was looking at had a subtle design through it.
 I also got a pair of heels today in Viola, I plan on wearing them with whatever I decide to wear. I'll put a link to ones on +Misspaparazzixx that are their closest twin. 
I also really love the colour blue on me AND I'm loving the velvet material in the +OfficialPLT cobalt mini dress.

I know I want more +Michael Kors in my life, I just can't decided what I want for my birthday! I adore all the watches and all the bags... I just need to decided what I would like the most for my birthday. 

Spoiled or lucky?

Miss Pap shoes are nearly the same other than the platform in my shoes are black : clicky
River Island shorts: here
River Island top in stores in orange and black
PLT velvet dress: here
Sneaky blazer in the back: here

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