Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Make-up Review Time: Benefit Cosmetics!

Over the past year I have developed a love for the amazing cosmetics brand, Benefit! Before, I honestly didn't look twice at the mega popular brand from San Francisco. Now they're just another reason for me to love California! I recently bought 'Some Kind-a Gorgeous' foundation faker in medium and "Ooh La Lift" brightener from +ULTA Beauty (well, I asked my mother to pick them up for me on her travels).

 I was really impressed with this foundation faker! It's smooth and silky, which gives the idea that it is oily but it's not! It is completely oil-free. So if you have oily skin just like me, I really recommend this product. I found this "cream to powder" foundation great. For 30 dollars, I think it was good value. I didn't notice any shiny oiliness creeping up on my t-zone as the day went on. I did set this with +Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless! powder as well for more coverage/finished look. There isn't a lot of coverage in this foundation faker, which is fine for me. It evens out your skin tone and gives a more finished look. I also forgot to mention that I used my two Benefit primers underneath. 'Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer' for most of my face and "The POREfessional" for my t-zone.

How to know if 'Some Kind-a Gorgeous' foundation faker is what you're looking for: 
1. If you have oily skin.
2. If you don't need a lot of coverage.
3. You want to even your skin tone out.
4. If you want something light.
5. If you want a cute compact with a sponge.
6. If you want something to carry with easy to top up (if needed). 

I didn't fall as much in love with 'Ooh La Lift' brightener as I did with the foundation faker. That was my mistake though. As a highlighter, I probably should have gotten a peachy tone for my skin. This light pink balm didn't hide my dark circles with it's light reflecting pigments as much as I wanted it to. I will try using more next time because it did blend really well and is lightweight. It isn't a waste all the same though. It made a bit of a different over the foundation faker and my concealer 'boi-ing' (Benefit as well). I also tried using it around my lips/cheeks to highlight, which worked pretty well though very subtlety. Main thing is, it won't go to waste! 
How to know if 'Ooh La Lift' brightener is what you're looking for:
1. If you want something that is lightweight.
2. If you have lighter skin than me.
3. If you have dark circles you wish to hide. 
4. If you want something easy to carry to brighten up your face during the day. 
5. If you want something that blends easy into your foundation.
6. If you want to try using this to highlight your cheeks/lips. 

It's always sad when you run out of new products to try. I can't wait to try out more of the Benefit products that are on my wishlist! I know I should broaden my horizon when it comes to make-up, but I haven't tried everything I want to try yet from Benefit! Check out their products at:

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Dublin Street Style Pilot Edition

So here it is, such a hype and now finally I write this blog post. I have high hopes for the frequent (planned to be) post with my friend/photo man Ethan (latte).

 On our first day we didn't have much time to scope for our fellow fashionistas out on the city streets. That's okay though, I wouldn't be out and about if it was raining either. Fortunately we had some dry spells to catch a few of you! 

I have to admit, I love the colour scheme. The matching glasses with the shoe laces really stood out to me. Timi's cardigan is far nicer than the one I found online (still love it though) to recreate his look! Ethan and I ran after him when we saw him walking down the street, so if you ever see us running after you, it is a good thing. Don't worry. 
Unfortunately, Timi was the only male fashionista we found that day! 
If you want to shop this look, here's some of the items I found:

Jeans: Selected clickyclicky
Cardigan: +Farfetch clickyclicky

I discovered a love for jeans during the summer, this includes her awesome vintage mom jeans! I am a total fan of the vintage look. Of course, this look isn't complete without some cat eye liner. I love these shoes I found to recreate her look.. I even might buy them and wear them with my mom jeans. 

If you want to shop her look:
Shirt: ONLY clickyclicky

I couldn't find her dress unfortunately, but I found a similar dress in blue to recreate this look! My favourite part about her dress is the collar! Her look is grey-cious with nothing but black and white. The leopard print breaks up the simplicity of it all. Nothing says love like a furry bag too!

Shop this look: 
Tights.. You know where to go! +Primark 

Even though it was nearing the end of summer it was nice to see these bright colours and floral prints! They were super cute together. I don't plan on letting the winter keep me from floral prints. 

Super Cute Shopping list: 
Shoes: +TOMS clicky and Office.co.uk
Jeans: +H&M clicky 
Top: +MANGO clicky

Myself? I wore a necklace I found in a boutique store when I was in Tenerife during the summer. My high rise jeans are from +River Island along with my jacket. The crochet top I'm wearing is from a Kilo Sale annually hosted by +FOLKSTER.

 I hope to have a new post every month on fashionistas around Dublin city because fashion is everywhere, not just my closet as I've said before. 

That's all folks. 

PS. Thanks to all you fashionistas doing your thing!