Monday, 11 May 2015

Festival Feels

This post on Coachella is way too late but I recently got my weekend camping ticket for Electric Picnic here in Ireland so I'm excited for September. I have never been to a music festival before and it is going to be an awesome way to end the summer! I am pretty sure I have high expectation just because I love looking at Coachella fashion.. EP is in a Field so it definitely calls for some wellies. Who said they can't be cute wellies though? I want to get some short overalls to go with my wellies style. I have a few festival pieces in my wardrobe that I can't wait to wear, that doesn't mean I'm not using this as an excuse to do a little shopping though!! I'm already planning to get the super cool gold fake tattoos ( I saw them in +River Island), face jewels and/or face paint. 

I'll admit that I have never camped before (unless my back garden counts) so I am pretty nervous about that.. It could be really gross.

My inspo from these photos for the Electric Picnic music Festival is paisley print, crochet lace, body chains, big sunnies, flower crowns (it would be rude not to) and boots. I plan to put purple in my hair like I have been longing to.. I don't think the S.O will be joining me in the purple hair game though (like that guy's picture right above). 
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Favourite Gowns from the Met Gala Ball 2015

This year the theme was China: Through a Looking Glass for the Met Ball 2015 and these are a few of my favourite gowns. Celebrities attend in their best style, posing on the red carpet that is laid out for their arrival. It is to no surprise that you will find Beyoncé in my selection of favourite gowns of course. 

So classy looking in a Jason Wu dress with a high slit. My Favourite design in the dress is the neck line. 

I love Zoe Kravitz's punk chic look in a metal chained gown by Alexander Wang.

The embroidery fiery red dragon placed strategically to protect the important bits by Versace, I thought it was daring in a good way. 

Wearing Versace also, this simple gown made an impact for me because of it's minimalist style. I thought she looked great in white, Greek goddess like. 

Versace Versace Versace, can I have a dress made for me too please? Another beautiful shimmering gown made to flatter it's wearer. 

Givenchy and Beyonce... Wow. There may have been little left to the imagination, but when you got it, why not flaunt it? Her killer self confidence went perfectly with this gorgeous gown.

Anne Hathaway wearing Ralph Lauren. I read a few mixed reviews about this hooded gown but I thought it made a simple statement. I liked it, it's a simmering gold gown. I think it worked well with the theme as well. 

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fro Fever

I am pretty sure that it's just me who day dreams about having Afro like voluminous hair. I cut my hair a good few weeks ago to a long bob, lob, or whatever this spring's hair trend is called and I was looking for new ways to style it other than straightening it, like I always do. I came across these videos on YouTube on how to get an afro-ish look without heat, so I tried it. Needless to say, I was impatient, short of bobby pins and didn't do it the right way for all of my hair so I ended up looking crazy when I woke up the next day. It was exciting that it worked though! I probably will try it out again (eventually) since I suddenly have this desire to have the fro. I don't have a natural lengthy kinky hair texture though so here's hoping one day I can achieve a perfect rounded shape without looking deranged.

Here are some pictures that I feel fro'spired from:

Let's take some time out to appreciate Solange Knowles; no one can beat her fro style.

I found most these picture from +Pinterest!

I am probably more than a few years late for this hair trend but hopefully it makes a big comeback soon. Until then I will have to just imagine I am in the 60's/70's or any years after that, that showed resurgence of the fro.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Spring Shopping!

Easter is a time to eat chocolate and rebuild your closet for the warmer weather.. Soo I went shopping and got a few great pieces from +FOLKSTER  in Kilkenny! Since college, I've noticed that I go through my clothes a lot quicker and with Student Race Day next week I needed a new outfit... Or two..Etc.

I apologise for the poor quality of the photos, I was snapping them quickly because my camera was dying (the whereabouts of the charger is currently unknown) and I had to switch to my phone, eek. Plus the lighting in my room isn't great either. It would have been better if I had shown pictures of what they look like on but those will come soon enough!

This play suit is amazing on, especially with this double breasted white tuxedo blazer. I also got the belt and pearl powder heels to go with this outfit.

I can't wait to bring this blackless floral dress for a night out on the town this summer! (Or sooner).

I really love this skirt because of the sheer layering over the shorter skirt. It is really pretty on but unfortunately I haven't found the right items to match it besides the heels. The tux blazer looks better with the skirt and less ballerina-ish/ more classy.

It's hard to see how nice this metallic biker jacket is, but it too of course is really nice on. Perfect for the weather warming up to just throw on over a more plain outfit.

When I tried the metallic sheepskin jacket on, I fell in love! So even though the weather is getting warmer, I still hoping for a few chilly days from now until summer so sport my new jacket.

Next time, you will probably see the pictures of my race day outfit! I am forever apologising for my lack of blogging.. Who knew life would get so busy with these things called assignments, essays and also college? Bring on the summer I say!

Online shop ;
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Heels :
Metallic Biker :

Not everything is up on the online site, but their shop in Dublin and Kilkenny is well worth going in! I could safely say that half my wardrobe is from this amazing shop.

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Emma Stone - The Oscars 2015

My favourite look from the Oscars last month was actress Emma Stone wearing Elie Saab. She looked amazing in this long-sleeved beaded green gown with a high slit. The matching green shoes were on point. This look reminds me of the Disney movie, "The Frog Princess" for obvious reasons such as the colour of her gown and because it looks inspired by the 1920's to me. I am definitely not alone in thinking Emma Stone was best dressed on the red carpet this year. 

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The 57th Grammy Awards 2015

These are some of my favourite looks from the Grammys this year. What I wouldn't give to be doing my thing on the red carpet like these ladies. 

  I absolutely loved Kat Graham's Yanina Couture gown. There was a lot of sheer going on at the Grammys, but this gown with a huge blossoming flower was my favourite. Keepin' it sexy and chic. The bright white court Sophia Webster shoes will always be timeless in my opinion.

Let's take a second to appreciate Katy's hair. It remind me of mystical beings such as mermaids. I have made the decision to be more mermaid in my hair game (stay tuned).

SO these were a few of my favourite looks. 

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