Tuesday, 1 March 2016

College - Outfit of the Day

I use to always think it was going to be great going to college and ridding myself of having to wear that uniform everyday. Now that I'm here in college for my second year, I understand it's a struggle to pick an outfit each day, even a pressure for some. I sometimes find myself wanting that blue skirt and grey jumper back. The student life definitely does not allow for constant shopping for new things to make different outfits so you're not recycling the same outfit every week. SOO, for this outfit I wore what usually is a dress I throw on for a quick option on a night out with a turtle neck top. I opted for my new kicks instead of the usual ankle boots because I thought it looked cute with the denim jacket! The bag I use for college most days is my +Michael Kors backpack and I love it. It was in a really good sale at +Macy's reduced down to about 80 dollars from 200. I couldn't leave it there, so it became an early birthday present to myself.. the only annoying thing about it is that my laptop doesn't fit in it. I use my iPad way more now because of that so that's a plus within a con! The Nikes were on sale as well in +schuh, only 50 euros with the sale and the student discount (early anniversary present for me). Anyways the point was suppose to be that it's not difficult to switch pieces around to make different styles! 

Here's some early morning pictures before my lecture, 30 minutes prior to these I was in bed.

Dress from +Forever 21 and the top is from +River Island.

Just can't stop checkin' out my shoes it seems. 

Old denim jacket was my mothers, it's from +Levi's®.

Until next time buds xox
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