Monday, 30 April 2018

Esquido False Lashes

If you are someone who loves using false lashes to amp up your look, then look no further.

These handcrafted Esquido false eyelashes are made with naturally shed mink hair and I have to say I was really happy with them! I found them to be lightweight on my own lashes and really soft! I'm not a massive false lashes type of girl I will admit, but I think I've been converted from sticking on a few individuals to these strip lashes. When I did try other brands of strip lashes, I was pretty bad at putting them on but I actually found Esquido's lashes to be easy when applying them. Esquido's eyelash glue is great, it's better than any glue I have used before and it's a latex-free formula. The lashes themselves are reusable up to 25 times if you take care of them properly. I use the really nice white box they come in to store them. The soft cotton band has really kept its shape as well. 

For someone who isn't very experienced in the falsies area, I was really happy with their interactive lash guide to help you find your perfect pair of lashes according to the occasion and your eye shape. 

The pair I am wearing is called Radiance, they are light in volume and actually new on their site! They are $29 and the glue is $10, which may seem expensive but the lashes are reusable and the bottle of glue is pretty generous compared to store bought lashes. You don't need to use a lot of glue either as the applicator is really efficient. Both products are very high quality and natural looking compared to synthetics, which they now offer online too! I haven't tried their synthetics though. 

Esquido offers free shipping WORLDWIDE on eyelashes $25 and up, as well as a 60 days return and exchange if you're unsatisfied. I really doubt you will be though!

I would definitely make the investment and check them out at!


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